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ABCLaunch 0.6.3

ABCLaunch 0.6.3

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ABCLaunch Editor's Review

ABCLaunch is an application that allows you to launch your applications faster without browsing the '/Applications' directory or using the mouse.

Basically, the application is a window with a search bar that displays the results as you type. In order to access this window, all you have to do is to press the hotkey combination. If you don't like the default combination, then you can define another one.

ABCLaunch can limit the number of returned results to nine. This feature is very useful because it dynamically assigns hotkeys to the returned results. If the returned result doesn't satisfy you, then you need to type more letters.

The program can index applications, folders, and files. You can check which one of these should be displayed. Other options are: the possibility to see the ABC Menu in the Menu Bar, the support for displaying the icons of the applications, the possibility to truncate the number of returned results, the possibility to show the file types and paths.

ABCLaunch indexes the folders that are placed in the 'Search' section from the 'Preferences' panel. It also has a 'Ignore' list. The folders placed into the ignore list won't be indexed. This feature is useful if you don't want to index the content of a sub-folder contained in a folder that's in the 'Search' list.

Pluses: it allows you to access quickly your items: files folders or applications, it has an 'Ignore' list; it has the support for customizing the displayed search results, it assigns hotkeys dynamically.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: this application is a huge time saver and it's also free of charge. It's a great improvement for the Macintosh usability.

version reviewed: 0.6.3

ABCLaunch Publisher's Description

ABCLaunch is a mouse-less launcher. ABCLaunch incrementally searches applications whose name matches keywords you input.

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